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Portland Free Play

Looks like kids in the Portland area had a great time playing in nature this weekend! Loving the mud Portland Free Play!

ADHD Problems

It’s all in how you look at it...

Raised Good

Enjoy it while it lasts!

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Woah! What a neat way to show families it's okay to play with nature - build the playground in the tidal zone!

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SCV Adventure Play Foundation

How many kids are still lucky enough to make a treehouse with their friends? Lovely to see this one change over the course of the year over in CA with SCV Adventure Play Foundation!

They have some summer programs for children and adults so if you're in the area you should stop on by!

Just Play Project

Check out the loose parts recess happening in Ithaca, NY!

Amazing stuff Just Play Project!

An Interview with Angela Hanscom on the Importance of Movement, Nature, and Play in Children’s Lives.

An excellent interview about some of the benefits of outdoor play that some of us don't often think about!

"through play they will get what their neurological system needs if you let them. The biggest problem is that we stop them from doing that. We say don’t pick up that stick or don’t run through the woods or don’t climb on that rock or don’t spin in circles or sit still – all those things are keeping them from developing a strong balance system and a strong sensory system which they need in order to function properly."

Thanks Bloom Children's Center!

Suspended Coffees

This is a lovely way to think about it. And for those of us who get the opportunity to work with children /in/ nature, the metaphor is right there all the time to remind us to support the child and their play as they are right now!


Architectural digest writes about risk being added back to playgrounds including at some of our favorite adventure playgrounds!


Love what our friends at play:ground NYC are doing with their adventure playground (and education around the importance of child-directed play!)


If you're in NYC or heading there sometime this summer you should go check out The Yard, NYC's adventure playground on Governor's Island. Part of play:groundNYC. Opening for it's third summer-season soon in May!

We love weeds!!

This photo shows how the less precious the materials, the more adults feel free to let children explore. We can say "yes" to making a "dinner party" with plants if most of them are taking over the playground anyway! Pick away!

Pop-Up Adventure Play

More news about play:ground adventure playground, The Yard, in NYC which opens again for the season soon. The reporter recalls some lovely play memories which should be enough to make us all work to make this happen for our kids:

"The smell of the poplar trees is one of my deepest memories. It was a place I could build strange lean-tos of sticks. My friends and I could dare one another to jump from taller and taller heights. We biked down the sides to see if we could stay alive. The ravine was, in a word, fun. It was, I suppose, a dangerous place, if you wanted to think of it that way, but I never did."

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There's a short article about making your backyard more wild and adventure-y in this month's Parents magazine! This list of loose parts is inspiring!

Malarkey Playwork

Love this observation from Malarkey Playwork. I definitely remember some special and mysterious play items found as a child. Have you ever thought about how to create that magic on a managed playspace or in a backyard? I'm getting some ideas...

Child Friendly Leeds

We like play streets!!

Just Play Project

Just Play Project REIMAGINING RECESS at Ithaca Elementary schools. It's ON!

Ithaca City School District

Ithaca - Reimagining Recess! Part of the exciting play mission of Just Play Project!

RISKY PLAY: Losing a Childhood "Right" of Passage — and a Tool to Help Protect that Right

If you run a daycare or school, or work in a classroom, this would be a great tool to share with families!

Amazing play advocate and injury prevention researcher Mariana Brussoni writes about risky play and how it will prevent injuries based on research AND contains a link to the amazing "Outdoor Play" online tool that helps walk parents through risky play scenarios.

Link from Take 'Em Outside

How babies learn – and why robots can’t compete

"Creative play is the foundation on which creativity, language, maths and science are built. If you start too early with flashcards, you lose this developmental stage. 'It’s about being free,' Prodger said. 'It’s about risk-taking.'"

A neat article about how our understanding of how learning and play is changing. Reminds me of the quote, that learning is "not as the filling of a vessel, but as the turning the eye of the soul towards the light" (Plato, according to Jowett's translation 1892).

If houses were designed like car-oriented cities

if houses were designed like car-oriented cities...

do you let children CLIMB TREES?? #adventuresinriskyplay

do you let your children play with...STICKS?? (if so, how do you support it / manage it?)

The New York Times

Event the New York Times is taking notice of the debate over risk in children's play!

Creative Child Magazine

Yes! And furthermore, when hard stuff comes up in play, that's your child's way of understanding it, constructing their understanding of it, making it their own. So important to make time and space for child-led play.

Thanks to Robin Einzig - Visible Child for sharing this graphic.

Alliance for Childhood

"The idea is for the adult to create an environment that invites play and then allow the child to explore and experiment within that environment to his heart’s content, without showing him how it’s supposed to be done. This leaves your child in control, and preserves his natural, inborn desire and ability (intrinsic motivation- from within) to play. When your child plays, he is not only learning, he is learning how to learn!"

What a great article Alliance for Childhood!

Wilder Child

Does your play space have sticks? If you have a photo handy, show us a stick featuring in your play area!

Thanks Wilder Child!

rough and tumble play - what do you think? how do you best support it?

What's your worst story of dealing with a licensor? What's your best story?